RIsk Stratification in COVID-19 patients in the ICU (RISC-19-ICU)

The collaborative international ICU registry for critically ill COVID-19 patients

COVID-19 is a novel disease caused by infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus that was first described in December 2019. The disease has been observed to spread exponentially in many countries and has reached global pandemic status within three months. According to first experience, hospitalization is required in approximately 20 % of cases and causes severe, life-threatening illness result in approximately 10 %. In some countries, health care systems are being overwhelmed by the rapid increase in critically ill patients that far exceed their capacity. It is thus of utmost importance to gain knowledge about the characteristics and course of critically ill patients with COVID-19 and to stratify these patients according to their risk for further deterioration. A key part of fighting this pandemic is to openly exchange scientific information and advance our understanding of the disease.

The RIsk stratification in COVID-19 patients in the ICU (RISC-19-ICU) registry aims to collect and make accessible an anonymized minimal dataset to characterize patients that develop life-threatening critical illness due to COVID-19. Analysis of the data is accessible to all collaborators. The information gained on the initial characteristics and disease course of COVID-19 via the RISC-19-ICU registry will enable us to better understand the risk factors for developing critical illness due to COVID-19, and for an unfavorable disease course. Open exchange of scientific information is our best weapon to effectively fight this new disease!

We thank all collaborating centers for their tireless endeavour in combating this world-wide pandemic, while advancing science and knowledge

This effort is endorsed and supported by the Swiss Society of Intensive Care Medicine (SGI/ SSMI)

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RISC-19-ICU board
PD Dr. M. P. Hilty
P. D. Wendel Garcia, MSc
Prof. Dr. R. Schuepbach
Dr. Dr. J. Montomoli
Dr. Ph. Guerci
Prof. Dr. T. Fumeaux

Coordinating center corresponding address
PD Dr. M. P. Hilty
Institute of Intensive Care Medicine
University Hospital of Zurich
Rämistrasse 100
8091 Zurich

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